How we design wedding stationery Part 2

Now we’ve got an illustration to work with, it’s time to think about layout styles, fonts and wording.

Hand drawn illlustration now a vector file

To reflect the rustic feel of the image, I’ve opted for a handwritten font. For a feminine flourish, freehand calligraphy is used for the names of the happy couple. This will also add emphasis.

I’ve turned the image of its side and gone for a typographic block for the text. This will letterpress really nicely as the pressure will be evenly distributed throughout the design.

Invitation design layout

As this is a letterpress design, the Artwork is black and white for platemaking. If this were a digital design, we’d now be adding colour to the text and images.

Wording need not be standard, mothers of the bride will usually insist on something very traditional, but personally I like whimsical wording that makes guests smile with surprise.  Here I’ve done a play on the roses are red poem.


Remember when experimenting with wording the key items that need to be communicated are:

Names of bride and groom

Date and time of wedding

Wedding venue

Reception details

RSVP information


Aside from the above, I’d encourage putting your additional information, such as gift list, travel and accommodation information on a separate insert or on a wedding website. The website address can be included on the invitation, or accompanying stationery. You can build a free wedding website here at

As I am now happy with the layout, fonts and wording, I’ll prepare the Artwork to be made into a letterpress plate.

Read part 3 on Thursday 4th August 2011, where we will letterpress print and finish the wedding invitation. The post will include paper selection, setting up the press, ink mixing, letterpress printing and finishing!


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