It doesn’t have to be traditional to be timeless – A custom letterpress wedding invitation

After reading an article about the recent trends in the wedding industry, I had a little panic about Artcadia’s brand and wondered if our style delivery would be a flash in the pan. Generally what we offer is a very personal, custom design service. However, if the modern couple are now moving away from “rustic” “homemade” and “vintage inspired” weddings, perhaps we should to be looking at our ranges and judging them on how they will be looked back on in 30 years time, if they will stand the test of time – or are they trend driven?

It’s certainly never been our intention to follow wedding trends, but recent fads have certainly meshed well with what we deliver.

Although Brides and Grooms are getting older, more financially dependent and style savvy – We can’t forget the input parents have in the decision making process of wedding planning. I think back to some of the things my mum said to me when I was making our animal shaped table names and choosing watering cans for centre pieces. Was she right? Should we have opted for something a little more “classic”, “high quality” and  “traditional”?

I’m not sure, I suppose we won’t know until we’re older, looking through our wedding album…

I’m including the below invitation in this article as I had reservations about the style whilst designing it. Now I think “actually, that is rather lovely” and I’m pretty sure whoever receives this, or looks back at it in 30 years will think the same. It’s simple, modern, perfectly letterpressed in gold on gorgeous high quality paper – what could be better?

A custom gold letterpress wedding invitation

A custom gold letterpress wedding invitation



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