Sorry we’re a little quiet … Been a bit busy!

Our Facebook and Twitter accounts have been a little neglected recently. Partly due to the January rush but also because on January 7th our little daughter was born.


Roni Robin was 2 weeks early, weighing in at 6 pounds, 14 ounces. She’s taken a while to get here, being a much wanted IVF baby, so we’re completely over the moon. Baby photos courtesy of Vici’s Mum, Jayneboo!

There’s been even more stationery flying about than usual, announcement cards, thank yous for gifts, thank yous to the Drs and nurses that got her here … This is our announcement. 2 colour letterpress print on 440GSM 100% cotton stock. Printed by yours truly.



Vici’s having a little Mummy time and I’m working like a donkey. Thankfully we’ve got a few willing helpers, so orders will still be getting out promptly. A baby arriving seems to make you all emotional, so I’d like to take the opportunity to say a warm thanks to our customers, industry friends and family for their support and custom over the last 4 years. Hopefully we’ll still be here in a few years time so little Roni Robin can join the team and keep Artcadia going.




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