Thanks for looking at our blog, we’re glad you did. Here you can peruse Artcadia’s recent design additions, bespoke projects and general ramblings. Here’s a bit about us and what we do:

Artcadia is me (Vici-Jane), and my husband, Richard. People who aren’t that keen on us, will often refer to us as Vic and Dick.

We started producing stationery, after a frightful experience sourcing our own wedding invitations.

Vici-Jane (me), is a former graphic designer and marketer with a wealth of experience in creating original designs and printing them. I’ve got a passion for traditional letterpress and contemporary digital printing. This has driven Artcadias eclectic, mish mash collection. In my spare time, I enjoy collecting animals, studying Middle Eastern history and rather stereotypically, eating houmous.

Richard, is a meticulous, nitpicky perfectionist, who makes Artcadias work faultless. His input compliments my airy fairy, arty farty nature. He’s got a sickeningly methodical approach to design and print. In his spare time Richard likes to find factoids on Wikipedia and squirrel away antique printing equipment. He also pretends to do work while playing Plants Vs Zombies.

We do our stuff from our not so glamorous Shropshire studio/press, which has now consumed, half our home, a summer house and a 20 square foot workshop. We’re quite lucky to be positioned in picture perfect Shropshire countryside, where we draw inspiration from the rather whimsical landscape and the creatures that mess around within it.

Us on our wedding day

Us and our press


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